Product CodeProduct Description/Size
NO-1160cNuShield 1.6 cm disc
NO-1230NuShield 2x3 cm
NO-1240NuShield 2x4 cm
NO-1340NuShield 3x4 cm
NO-1440NuShield 4x4 cm
NO-1460NuShield 4x6 cm
NO-1660NuShield 6x6 cm

NuShield may be stored at ambient room temperature and has a shelf life of up to five years.1


NuShield consists of the complete amnion and chorion layers of the placental membrane.


The tissues in NuShield are collected from fully consented mothers undergoing scheduled caesarean section births of full-term healthy babies. Donors are tested for relevant communicable diseases by an FDA registered laboratory. NuShield is terminally sterilized using gamma irradiation.

Content about Processing

The amnion and chorion are multilayered tissues, with each layer contributing unique characteristics to the tissue as a whole.2 LayerLoc is a novel preservation method that not only retains the native amnion and chorion, but also leaves the spongy layer intact.3,4

Clinical Data

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Published Studies

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