Physician Solutions is a total advanced wound care product solution that helps you improve outcomes and office efficiency with the tools, high-quality wound care products, and on-demand support that you expect from Organogenesis.

  • Provides traditional wound care products, such as alginates, collagens, and foam dressings, directly to your patients without the up-front inventory costs or separate third-party fees associated with other advanced wound care dressings options.
  • Enables you—through your DME license—to ensure your prescribed advanced wound care dressings are delivered to your patients at home in between office visits.
  • Features Care365, our proprietary user platform—designed for office efficiency with helpful billing management tools, order history and tracking, and real-time practice analytics.
  • Supports your efforts with reliable Organogenesis customer service, including reimbursement assistance and secure ordering. Dedicated customer support is available at (727) 234-8880.

Fulfilling your standard for clinical care and outcomes

Organogenesis Physician Solutions (OPS) provides your patients at-home access to the products you've selected to support their healing—giving you greater control over wound management, ensuring consistent patient compliance, and yielding better outcomes.

Fulfilling your standard for practice management and efficiency

By eliminating the need for on-site inventory—while simplifying record keeping and refill tracking to streamline insurance compliance—OPS minimizes the logistical demands on your practice, allowing you and your staff more time for patient care.

With the user-friendly tools of Care365 and the on-demand customer service you expect from Organogenesis, integrating OPS into your practice is easy. To get started with OPS, talk to your Organogenesis Tissue Regeneration Specialist.

OPS essential DME advanced wound care products include:

Nuvagen™ Collagen Dressing

Nuvagen™ Collagen Dressing

Made of 100% Type 1 bovine collagen and helps maintain a moist wound healing environment.
Nuvagen™ Collagen Powder

Nuvagen™ Collagen Powder

Powder made of 100% Type 1 bovine collagen ideal for packing into and around the wound.

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