What is it?

NuCel is a cryopreserved, bioactive amniotic suspension allograft with applications in surgical procedures. NuCel is derived from human amnion and amniotic fluid cells and contains cellular, growth factor, and extracellular matrix components.

NuCel creates an enhanced environment that supports tissue repair and offers native anti-inflammatory, angiogenic, and regenerative components.1,2

Why NuCel?

There are many applications in which the native properties of these human amniotic tissues may be beneficial to patients.1,2

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  2. Niknejad H, Peirovi H, Jorjani M, Ahmadiani A, Ghanavi J, Selfallan AM. Properties of the amniotic membrane for potential use in tissue engineering. Eur Cell Mater. 2008; 15:88-89. 3. NuCel® Product Insert.

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