How to Use
  1. Prepare wound to ensure it is free of debris and necrotic tissue
  2. Cut the dry sheet to the appropriate size and place in contact with wound bed
  3. Hydrate with sterile saline
  4. Apply appropriate fixation and secondary dressings
  5. Assess weekly for reapplication
  1. PuraPly Wound Matrix [package insert]. Canton, MA: Organogenesis Inc; 2015.
Storage & Sizes

PuraPly is supplied in individually sealed dry sheets and packaged in sterile, sealed single pouches. PuraPly offers convenient room temperature storage and comes in the following sizes to manage a wide variety of wound types.1,2

Product CodeProduct Description/SizeUDI Number
PURAPLY-COM 2X42cm x 4cm00618474000053
PURAPLY-COM 2.05X3.052.05cm x 3.05cm00618474000152
PURAPLY-COM 5X55cm x 5cm00618474000060
PURAPLY-COM 6X96cm x 9cm00618474000077

It is composed of inherently strong and biocompatible porcine-derived collagen biomaterial. Our patented process removes cells, cellular debris, and unwanted lipids and proteins, inactivating viruses, decreasing bioburden, and producing a pure sheet of Type I native collagen.


Biocompatibility testing of PuraPly has been performed in accordance with both FDA and International requirement for medical devices. The results of the testing demonstrate that the products are biocompatible.

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