How to Use

NuShield is human allograft tissue that is regulated as a Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue-Based Product (HCT/P) as defined by FDA 21 CFR Part 1271.

Preparation of the Wound Bed

  1. Ensure that the wound is free of infection
  2. Proper debridement of the wound should be performed and should extend to healthy, viable bleeding tissue
  3. Hemostasis should be achieved and heavy exudate controlled

NuShield® Application

  1. Remove NuShield from its sterile packaging using aseptic techniques, being careful to maintain the sterility of the product
  2. Determine which side of NuShield is the chorion side (to be placed in contact with the wound bed) using the T.R.U.E. Method: When the middle notch is at the top, and the notched corner is to its right, then the upper side is epithelial and the side facing down is chorion
  3. Place NuShield onto the wound bed, being careful to preserve orientation of the product and ensuring that the chorion side is in contact with the wound bed*
*Once NuShield is placed, the product may be rehydrated as necessary, based on the characteristics of the wound. (NuShield is easier to manipulate prior to rehydration).

Dressings and Re-application Schedule

  1. Anchor NuShield using preferred fixation method
  2. Apply a non-adherent, non-occlusive primary dressing directly over NuShield, which should remain in place for up to one week
  3. Apply a secondary dressing specific to the wound type
  4. NuShield may be reapplied weekly as needed
  5. Refer to your MAC's Local Coverage Determination (LCD) for usage guidance

Storage & Sizes

NuShield should be stored at room temperature storage of up to 5 years.

Product CodeProduct Description/SizeTotal CM2UPC #
NO-1160cNuShield 1.6 cm disc1.6857877005160
NO-1230NuShield 2x3 cm6857877005047
NO-1240NuShield 2x4 cm8857877005184
NO-1340NuShield 3x4 cm12857877005207
NO-1440NuShield 4x4 cm16857877005054
NO-1460NuShield 4x6 cm24857877005061
NO-1660NuShield 6x6 cm36857877005078
*HCPCS for all sizes Q4160
  • Donor screening and testing per FDA and AATB standards
  • Aseptically processed per FDA and AATB standards
  • Terminally sterilized with a Sterility Level Assurance (SAL) of 10-6

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