What is Dermagraft®?

Dermagraft is a "skin substitute" that is placed on your ulcer to cover it and to help it heal. It is manufactured in an aseptic environment. It also contains a temporary mesh fabric that will eventually dissolve and go away by itself.

Dermagraft is used to treat foot ulcers that have been present for at least 6 weeks in patients with diabetes. It is used together with standard methods of treating DFUs, including cleaning and preparing the ulcer, applying cover dressings to hold it in place, and wearing special shoes to take the pressure off the ulcer (called "offloading").

Heal DFUs Without Hesitation with Dermagraft

Made from human cells known as fibroblasts, grown on temporary mesh, Dermagraft is placed on the ulcer. The living cells in Dermagraft produce many of the same proteins and growth factors found in healthy skin. Dermagraft helps to restore the compromised wound bed to facilitate healing by providing a scaffold where the patient's own cells can migrate to close the wound. Because the mesh material found in Dermagraft dissolves and becomes part of the body's own healing processes, you can apply Dermagraft weekly (up to eight times) over a twelve-week period without having to remove the product from the wound.

After care

Your healthcare provider will apply Dermagraft to your DFU on a regular schedule, typically once a week. The duration of treatment varies, but Dermagraft may be applied on your ulcer weekly for up to 8 applications over 12 weeks. It is very important that you keep each of your scheduled appointments to ensure that your healthcare provider can monitor your progress.

Your healthcare provider will explain that Dermagraft should not cause pain or irritation when in place. However, debridement—the removal of diseased and dead tissue from the ulcer site—can cause some discomfort.

Insurance Coverage Information

For Medicare patients, Dermagraft is reimbursed by CMS as skin substitute.

All commercial medical policies cover treatment with Dermagraft for diabetic foot ulcers.*

* The coverage information provided is for educational purposes only and shall not be construed as a statement, promise, or guarantee that all information is accurate or reimbursement will be received. Reimbursement requirements are subject to change at any time; therefore, check with your local payer regularly.
Patient Assistance Program

Organogenesis is committed to providing access to Dermagraft for those most in need through The Dermagraft Patient Assistance Program. This program can assist patients with limited financial resources who also have no public or private insurance coverage.

To be eligible for this Program, the patient must:

  • Be a U.S. resident
  • Supply proof of income (1040 Tax Form or SSI statement along with application completed and signed)
  • Have no public or private insurance coverage—this program is not a co-payment assistance program

Please note that eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis. Please apply with the assistance of your health care professional who is treating you.

Please print and have your healthcare professional fill out the Dermagraft Patient Assistance Program Application and fax to 1-866-212-2888.

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